About SAGE School of Science

The school of science at SAGE University Bhopal – SUB stands firm among

top Science colleges in Bhopal.

The educational curriculum is based on an interdisciplinary approach encompassing both basic and applied aspects as per UGC guidelines. At the

best MSC college in Bhopal

, for a successful degree from the School of Science, students will be pursuing courses in subjects including but not limited to Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Forensic Science.

The university provides world-class infrastructure with spacious gallery classrooms fitted with projection facility for modern teaching and understanding between students and teachers. The laboratories of the

best BSC college in Bhopal

are equipped with all the necessary instruments to run UG and PG lab courses successfully.

 Salient features School of science

1) Curricula of undergraduate science education focused on interdisciplinary and practical  aspects of science technology engineering and mathematics (STEM) .
2) Provide more experience-based learning, in an active environment than traditional  content learning style.
3) To stimulate student autonomy and independence, such as would be required in a real  research environment.
4) The main focus of courses will be on teaching more procedural knowledge including  content teaching, laboratory skills, experimental design, data analysis and  interpretation.
5) Wide options of courses to choose from to enhance student-driven career  development.

The mission of the school is to

1) Contribute to the development of students' critical thinking, creativity,
  problem-solving, and intellectual independence.
2) Integration of teaching, research, and social aptitude.
3) Research and professional leadership.
4) Provide leadership in the development of collaborative professional growth.

5) Within Schools of The SAGE University leading to individual and collective excellence.
6) Schools, organizations, and other institutions focused on the improvement of  education in schools, communities, and workplace setting


PG Program

Advisory Board :

Career Opportunities :

  •  Teacher
  •  Researcher
  •  Environment Controller
  •  Waste Management Technician
  •  Food Processing Officer
  •  Bio-Processing Industries
  •  Biopharma Jobs