About SAGE School of Arts, Humanities and Social Science

Sage University Bhopal – SUB the

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is offering world class academics to enhance the educational forefront of education of Central India. Arts, Humanities and Social science are vast fields of essential knowledge and they cannot be defined in a few words. In general, Humanities deal with the study of understanding of the human condition, arts study the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture and social science is the scientific study of human society and social relationships. This includes unearthing the historical background, understanding the reasons behind the evolution of human behavior, social-cultural, economic and political systems in the human society. SUB ranks amongst the

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for delivering excellence.

Humanities offer a wide range of career options for students. Many opportunities are available in the present times for an art graduate if he/she has knowledge related with subjects like political science, public administration, and history sociology.

The Bachelor and Master of Arts graduates to-be of the school will become effective communicators and critical thinkers. Getting a degree from the

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will equip the student with the ability to pursue professional and academic opportunities of their interest. The Holistic nature of the program empowers the students to take up a wide range of internships projects and fieldworks. Students who have completed their graduation in Arts can opt for a variety of careers in Humanities ranging from assistant administration officer to content editors to librarians. After graduation, candidates can also prepare for civil service examinations.

Salient features of the school are as follows:

» The course curriculum of the programs is well designed as per the current industry and academic demand.
» Personality development training to boost confidence and make our students sign out in the crowd.
» Integrated teaching practices which insurance students participation in subject related presentations project work field survey etc.
» Co-curricular activities and competitive events to promote out of the box thinking fund based activity and cultural events to provide platform to showcase their talent guest lecture by subject industry experts on continuous basis special lectures on specific events.
» Experience and Research oriented teachers to assist students at every step of intellectual and academic development.


Advisory Board :

Dr.Pradip Nandi

Director General
National Centre for Human Settlements & Environment



Career Opportunities :

  •  Policy Development
  •  Administrative Support